Worldwide Vision: Why Our Marketing Works

95982103In a world that is increasingly pulling away from human contact, Worldwide Vision finds success in face to face marketing programs. The company seeks out new customers for clients in areas that they already frequent. By focusing on a specific customer base, the company is able to tap into the need of the market. This is done in a variety of ways and has a proven success rate. Understanding the way the company markets clients is key to understanding why the company’s unique approach works.

How is it done?

The company finds creative ways to market clients. Currently, the firm is handling a marketing campaign for leading satellite television provider DirecTV. To market this company’s services, Worldwide has partnered with large retail stores. WV’s presence inside the store and greeting potential customers face to face, brand awareness is raised. Even if no new customers are signed, the presence of the brand in a personal way is beneficial.

Another company that works with Worldwide Vision is the one of the largest hardware stores in the world. By seeking out customers who are in need of home improvements, the company helps the large hardware store earn revenue. This is achieved by setting up consultations with store designers who give a quote on the improvements wanted. The staff is free to do the other tasks of their job while the marketing team handles finding the customers. This face to face method results in higher home improvement consultations than a print or online campaign.

The Success of Worldwide Vision

The marketing firm began as a small company in 2007 based in Raleigh, N.C. Some of the first clients were local restaurants, sports teams and entertainment companies. In five short years, the company has flourished and now represents national names like DirecTV. Local companies are still of importance as well. No matter what the size of the client, innovative marketing strategies are implemented to achieve success.

The success of Worldwide Vision lies in its back-to-basics approach to marketing. By having face to face encounters with potential customers, Worldwide Vision raises brand awareness. The company is present in 30 cities nationwide and is growing exponentially. Understanding that human interaction moves potential customers is the core of what makes the company function. Worldwide Vision takes pride in the effectiveness of its marketing techniques and will continue to strive for excellence.

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